Welcome to First Presbyterian Church, a community of Christian believers worshiping together in Griffin, Georgia.
Presbyterian refers to a form of church government where oversight authority is vested with elders, or “presbyters,” of the church. Presbyterian also means that we stand in the “Reformed” theological tradition which emphasizes the authority of Scripture and the sovereignty and grace of God and obedience to God.
More particularly, First Presbyterian stands in the evangelical stream of Presbyterianism, emphasizing the importance of Holy Scripture and prayer in building a personal relationship with God, vital Christ-centered worship, mutual responsibility and accountability among members of the church, and the urgency of the church’s outreach mandate.
Our Mission Statement “One More for Jesus” sums us up. We are called to love, care for, encourage, help, nurture, grow, pray for, teach and lead others all for the sake of Jesus Christ.
We hope you find our website helpful and we invite you to be a part of our family of faith!